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Yule Ball

1-3 December, 2023


Join us in Flintheath at

historic Buckden Towers

This year’s Holly Monarch will be the

winner of an Armoured Combat

Tournament.  Along with the tournament

will be a gaming tavern, A&S displays, gift exchange, feasting, court, and of course, dancing!


SCA members will receive a discount on their booking.  Join now and save £££ on event fees for this and more events.  One year of SCA membership is only £15 individual / £29 family - SCA UK CIC [Membership Portal]


The virus is still with us.  To protect each other from infection and keep the event Covid-free, we are taking common-sense precautions against the spread of the virus.  Please take a Covid test (self-administered LFT is acceptable) within 24 hours before arrival and present your test strip at check-in (not a photo).  If you test positive for COVID or are feeling unwell, please stay home and take care of yourself (arrangements for a refund will be made).  Attendees are requested to wear a mask when checking in.  

ATTENTION - Rail Service Disruption:

Please note there is no rail service at Huntingdon and limited service at St Neots on Sunday, 3 December.  For more information, visit:


The Realm of Mythical Beasts

Site Address

Buckden Towers, High St, Buckden, St Neots, CAMBS, PE19 5TA


Event Steward: 
Lady Bella Donna


Deputy Event Steward &

Royal Liaison:

Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Reservations Steward:

Viscountess Eularia Trewe

Herald in Charge:
Captain Kenneth Elliot

Feast Cook:
Frú Aðísla Arnulfsdóttir

Head Server:

Vicomte Alexandre d'Avignon

Culinary Specialties:

Lady Milada von Schnecken

Marshal in Charge:

Vicomte Alexandre d'Avignon

Arts & Sciences:

Noble Henric vanden Casteele

Lady Shannon of Oak of Honour Hill

Honourable Lady Bronwen Selwyn

Site Stewards:

Honourable Lord Nero Lupo

Baron Nicholas de Estleche dictus le Tardif

Dance & Ball Coordinators:
Lady Joanne Yarrowe

Lord John Yarrowe

Gaming Tavern:
Honourable Lady Bronwen Selwyn

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