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Medieval Crafts 

Costuming, cooking, metalwork, brewing, leatherwork and so very, very much more…

It’s hard to escape the arts and sciences – what we call the huge collection of research areas, art, craft and engineering within the Society. Even if you are considering joining with a single interest – maybe just to do archery or combat – after a while, you’ll venture into the arts and sciences territory. Maybe you might start researching how to make a leather armour piece, or how the fletching on arrows was done, or wondering what exactly famous Italian fencers had to say about that move they were talking about at practice last night. All activity in the Society has art and sciences underpinnings.

The Culinary Arts

Cooking is a huge part of life in the SCA and we have a proud tradition of excellent feast cooking in Insulae Draconis. Our cooks research and recreate medieval dishes from period sources and share their work at events by cooking full, proper feasts for participants to enjoy.

The Performing/Bardic Arts

We have singers, instrumentalists, dancers, puppeteers, storytellers and poets, all who research what was performed in period and share their knowledge and talent with us all.


Scribal Arts

Many Society members take up calligraphy, miniature painting and illumination and produce beautiful works of art. We have a great many truly talented scribes. Read more here


Fibre Arts and Costuming

We have members who could take the wool from a sheep and follow the process from cleaning the wool, spinning the yarn, dyeing and weaving, cutting to any century’s pattern, sewing up, embroidering and topping it all off with the perfect hat, cloak and shoes.


Utilitarian Arts

Woodturners to turn your drinking vessel, pewter casters to cast you a spoon, armourers to get you in armour rather faster than you anticipated, glass bead makers to give your Viking garb some bling. We have potters and glassblowers, we make boxes and carts, pole lathes and benches.

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