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Bows, crossbows, throwing knives or axes, we have them all…

Archery was one of the most important skills throughout the Medieval period, whether for day to day hunting or as an important strategic element in warfare.


Today we take part for fun and to improve our skills, holding practices and tournaments on the field and target, as well as throwing weapons.

Target Archery

The SCA – in order to be as true to times as possible – encourage the use of materials and methods available to period archers, so we focus on wood and feathers in our bows and arrows and do not allow modern compound bows.  Target Archery concentrates on getting the archers shooting at a static target at various distances.  We have a variety of fun shoots but the basic idea is that points are scored by shooting at a bullseye from a standing position on a clear field.

Field Archery

These are shoots where we try to mimic situations faced by medieval archers: Shooting around the trunk of a tree, in wooded landscapes, using 3-D models or firing through castle windows and arrow slots at targets below.


Thrown Weapons

At some events and practices, you might get the chance to try your skill with throwing knives or axes and spears,  in a safe, marshalled environment. Typically the target is a large board or stump, though sometimes there may be a custom target with a special emphasis in keeping with an event or personality.

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