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Saturday Crafts and Combat


Want to meet us ?

Join us on Saturdays  from 1 pm on Waterbeach Recreation Ground (CB25 9NJ) for an afternoon of medieval craft and combat

Depending on the weather, some Saturdays there is archery from 12. 

Check our FACEBOOK PAGE or Latest News & Updates for the latest information regarding Saturday Crafts and Combat, as we might be away at an event!

Have a go!

If you want to have a go at fighting or historical fencing, please wear trainers/boots and long sleeves/trousers. You may wish to bring your own cup/box/groin protection if you do not wish to use the one in the group kit. We have a loaner kit that will cover the rest of your needs. There is no charge for attending.

Do you have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us! You can either email our Chatelaine who is charged with assisting newcomers in Flintheath: or reach out to us on one of our social media channels, which you can find in the footer.

Find us!

The location is Waterbeach Recreation Ground, CB25 9NJ
Link to Google Maps

Click on the image to view the entrance to the Rec (red arrow) as it can be hard to find.
The car park is to the left, mind the height barrier.

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