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Protocol & Travel

ATTENTION - Rail Service Disruption:

Please note there is no rail service at Huntingdon and limited service at St Neots on Sunday, 3 December.  For more information, visit:



If you are arriving by car, please park initially in the car park. After parking, proceed to Reservations who will be located in the Tower Hall just inside the door. They will give you your room keys and the code for the external doors (if you are staying in the House). At this stage, you may bring your car in front of the House or in front of the Hall to offload. Apart from offloading and packing on Sunday morning, cars must be parked in the car park for the duration of the event. Sunset over the event will be at approximately 16:00.


Bunks: Please strip your bunks and remember to take your bedding with you. If you have borrowed bedding, please return it to the Tower Hall.

Cars may be brought to the Tower or House for packing only. Please return to the car park if you are not leaving immediately so that others can do the same.


The site closes at 11:00.

The Chapel

The Claret Center which owns the site is a working Roman Catholic institution with a few priests living on site. They also provide services for the community. On Saturday Mass will be held in the Chapel at 09:30 and 18:30. Unless you intend to attend the service, please do not enter the Chapel at these times or disturb the Mass in any other way.



Buckden is located on the Great North Road (now the A1), giving easy access from north and south. It is also located about 5 miles south of the A14 giving easy access from east and west.



The site is about 5 miles from both Huntingdon and St. Neot's, both of which have stations on the East Coast Line from London to Peterborough. Plan your journey with Trainline. Taxis are readily available at both local stations.


Transfers from the Stations:

Due to being unable to guarantee sufficient volunteer drivers, we are unable to offer event organised pickups this year.



For local buses from Huntingdon and St. Neots please visit


Event Steward: 
Lady Bella Donna


Deputy Event Steward &

Royal Liaison:

Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Reservations Steward:

Viscountess Eularia Trewe

Herald in Charge:
Captain Kenneth Elliot

Feast Cook:
Frú Aðísla Arnulfsdóttir

Head Server:

Vicomte Alexandre d'Avignon

Culinary Specialties:

Lady Milada von Schnecken

Marshal in Charge:

Vicomte Alexandre d'Avignon

Arts & Sciences:

Noble Henric vanden Casteele

Lady Shannon of Oak of Honour Hill

Honourable Lady Bronwen Selwyn

Site Stewards:

Honourable Lord Nero Lupo

Baron Nicholas de Estleche dictus le Tardif

Dance & Ball Coordinators:
Lady Joanne Yarrowe

Lord John Yarrowe

Gaming Tavern:
Honourable Lady Bronwen Selwyn

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