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Fees and Accommodations


SCA members receive a discount on their event fees.  Create or renew your SCA membership prior to booking, and save £££ on your event fees. One year of SCA membership is only £15 individual / £29 family - SCA UK CIC [Membership Portal]

Bunk/bed allocation will only be considered confirmed on receipt of payment or travel details if travelling from over the water.

ACCOMMODATION CONFIRMATION:  Accommodation fees must be paid in full by 15 October.  No accommodation is confirmed until full payment is received.  If full payment is not received by 15 October, that accommodation will be released to the wait list.


CANCELLATIONS:  All fees (event and accommodation) must be paid in full by 15 November.  Any cancellation received after 15 November is non-refundable, unless we can resell the booking.

Payment will be accepted via BACS transfer. Please contact us for the account details.


COVID 19:  The virus is still with us.  To protect each other from infection and keep the event Covid-free, we are taking common-sense precautions against the spread of the virus.  Please take a Covid test within 24 hours before arrival.  If you test positive for COVID or if you are feeling unwell, please stay home and take care of yourself (if you have pre-paid, arrangements for a refund will be made).  Attendees are requested to wear a mask when checking in.  

ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION:  The B&B rooms are located within the Victorian House and will be reserved on a self-catering basis (ie: breakfast is supplied by the event, not the site).


There are 3 en-suite B&B rooms, the rest share bathrooms. They all share a sitting room which will most likely be assigned as a classroom during the day. All the rooms contain a private sink. Single B&B bookings will be paired off. 

Dormitory bunks require you to bring bedding. If luggage capacity is a problem, please let us know at least two weeks in advance so that we can arrange to supply bedding.

Tower Access:
The dormitories are accessed via a spiral staircase, which for their type is wide and with a normal gradient.

The Tower Hall is a few steps above ground level.
The kitchen is accessible via the spiral staircase or a grass ramp from outside,  but should be considered off-limits unless you are helping with food preparation or service.

Gatehouse Access:
The apartments are accessible via a normal wooden staircase and are located in the Inner Gatehouse.

Main House Access:
The B&B rooms are accessible via a shallow grand staircase and are our recommended option for those gentles with mobility issues.


Event Steward: 
Lady Bella Donna


Deputy Event Steward &

Royal Liaison:

Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Reservations Steward:

Viscountess Eularia Trewe

Herald in Charge:
Captain Kenneth Elliot

Feast Cook:
Frú Aðísla Arnulfsdóttir

Head Server:

Vicomte Alexandre d'Avignon

Culinary Specialties:

Lady Milada von Schnecken

Marshal in Charge:

Vicomte Alexandre d'Avignon

Arts & Sciences:

Noble Henric vanden Casteele

Lady Shannon of Oak of Honour Hill

Honourable Lady Bronwen Selwyn

Site Stewards:

Honourable Lord Nero Lupo

Baron Nicholas de Estleche dictus le Tardif

Dance & Ball Coordinators:
Lady Joanne Yarrowe

Lord John Yarrowe

Gaming Tavern:
Honourable Lady Bronwen Selwyn

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