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The Fighting Pits of Flintheath


Gather ‘round once again, ye children of battle, and heed these words!

Hear ye the call of the Fighting Pits of Flintheath, where warriors of every creed and nation clash in mortal combat, wielding the deadliest weapons and displaying the most cunning of tactics!

Are ye a warrior of unyielding mettle, seeking to prove thy worth in the crucible of battle? Then step forth into the arena and pit thyself against the finest champions the world has ever seen!

Or perhaps ye are a connoisseur of martial prowess, seeking the thrill of watching the finest gladiators battle to the death? Then take thy seat in the stands and watch as the blood spills and the steel clashes in a spectacle of unmatched ferocity and valor!

So come, ye warriors of the world, and stake thy claim to glory and honor in the gladiator pit! For in this crucible of battle, there can be only one victor!


Quick Description: Mixed weapons (no spears)*, wounds retained, bearpit, 60-120 minutes with rest breaks as necessary.

Long description: This tournament is a bearpit-style tournament where the holder of the pit retains wounds from round to round, until defeated.

For fighters, participation in the tournament is "bought" by the presentation of the fighter's site token.

Before a fighter enters the pit, they will roll the Dice of Doom. The Dice will assign the fighter their fighting style for the duration of their time in the pit.

Fighters receive 1 point for every fight in the pit, and one additional point for every win. The pits reward those fighters who long for the heat of battle and hear the song of the sword!

* if a fighter is not authorised in the weapons style assigned them by the Dice of Doom, they will default to one weapon, with no shield.


Event Steward: 

Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

Viscountess Eularia Trewe



Viscount Ranulf li Norreis

Archery Marshal:
Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Rattan Marshal:
Viscount Ranulf li Norreis

Equestrian Marshal:

Lady Katherine of Glastonbury

Rapier Marshal:

Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

Arts & Sciences:

Lady Joanne Yarrowe &

Lord John Yarrowe

Site Steward:

Lord Captain Kenneth Elliot

Head Porter:


Viscount Alexandre d’Avigné

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