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  • Rapier

Novice Tourney​, Prize Play 

  • Rattan

The Fighting Pits of Flintheath​

  • Archery

Friendly shoot, Portsmouth round

  • Arts & Sciences All Day in the Flintheath Pavilion

> “Made at St Bede's” Challenge - start and finish a project at St Bede's Fair to take part!

Clay Activities - all weekend from Friday evening: make a grotesque/gargoyle or a spindle whorl

from clay. Saturday morning: recognising, processing, and using the clay you find with demonstration/discussion. Sunday evening: firing clay in a simple fire demonstration and marshmallow toasting (we will fire any items which have dried enough)

> Fibre Arts - Saturday afternoon: from fibre to yarn; spinning on a drop spindle. Sunday morning:

how to process yarn once you have spun it

> TBC - looms and weaving

> TBC - sewing and garb making support

> Bardic - Saturday evening ball and bardic in the Barn (we will put out a call for bardic interludes

at some point). “Write a tale together” story board activity Saturday daytime for performance

at the Ball

  • Equestrian

Training, competition, a Parade for the Princess

  • Fun & Games

stool ball, croquet, sack game, bouncing horseless jousting, potato sack race

Something for everyone!  See the event schedule for times and locations.  


Event Steward: 

Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

Viscountess Eularia Trewe



Viscount Ranulf li Norreis

Archery Marshal:
Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Rattan Marshal:
Viscount Ranulf li Norreis

Equestrian Marshal:

Lady Katherine of Glastonbury

Rapier Marshal:

Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

Arts & Sciences:

Lady Joanne Yarrowe &

Lord John Yarrowe

Site Steward:

Lord Captain Kenneth Elliot

Head Porter:


Viscount Alexandre d’Avigné

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