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Join us in Flintheath to meetup at practices and events and make new friends. In the SCA, we learn about history by doing.
Welcome to the Current Middle Ages!

Duchess Fiona Wiggins

Interests: Headwear and hats of all periods, 14th & 15th century clothing, embroidery and illumination.

Duchess Fiona Wiggins is a 14th century Irish woman. She married an English merchant who operated a large shipping company that imported and exported goods in and out of London. Sadly, he died in a storm at sea leaving her the shipping company, a fleet of ships and the ability and freedom to travel the known world

September 2013 –

Šasabānū Jahanara Suren

Apprentice of Mistress Rogned
Interests:weaving (cloth and narrowes), natural dyeing, 7th centiry Persian costuming, embroidery, and assorted other fibre arts

Vicomte Alexandre d’Avigné

Master of the Pelican, Laurel & Order of Defence
Interests: armoured combat, cut & thrust combat, rapier combat.
Holds a Pelican, and a cooking Laurel (with a minor in poetry)

June 2016 –

Viscountess Eularia Trewe

Mistress of the Pelican

June 2016 –

Baron Nicholas de Estleche dictus le Tardif

Master of the Pelican
Protege of Mistress Ursula Sturlasdatter

Interests: armour, armoured combat, cut & thrust combat, genealogy, heraldry, leather work, names, rapier combat

The records on Nicholas de Estleche are incomplete but we do know at this stage is that he was born in Eastleach, Gloucestershire sometime in the mid-late 1120s. He was certainly old enough to be fighting by the end of what is now called the Anarchy and seems to have been in his twenties at the end of fighting. Although his father’s name has yet to be established it appears that he was definitely fighting for Matilda at Lincoln and witnessed the capture of King Stephen. It is unknown whether he chose his side from conviction or geography, but it certainly helped to raise the family’s status. It’s likely but not known for sure that Nicholas entered combat with his father for Matilda, probably in his teens. There is circumstantial evidence that Nicholas may have met or indeed acted in some capacity for Henry during his first disastrous invasion of England in 1147. (It is thought that his appellation “the Slow” was somehow earned during this period as he is sporadically referenced as such from this time. With a reputation of being quick witted and in good health it is unclear how this apparently derogatory nickname came to be or why he would embrace it as he clearly did by the time he was competing in the European tournaments after the Anarchy.) Nicholas certainly benefited from Henry’s accession to the throne in the 1150s. Having said that it is far from clear that he remained loyal during the intervening period, especially after the death of his father in 1149. During the early years of Henry’s reign it is known that Nicholas traveled on the continent taking part in tournaments and was also in the habit of visiting monastic and other libraries. By the late 1160s, in his mid to late 30s, he vanishes from currently known records. One speculative reference just before this hints at some kind of trouble with church authorities. No previous record alludes to this, although so far, despite being known to use the libraries, no known grants were made by Nicholas to religious institutions, unusual for the day, although it may simply reflect a lack of evidence rather than evidence of lack. We do know that he was unmarried at the time he disappears from known records and left no family or legacy in Eastleach itself which was in the hands of the Turville family by 1200.

May 2006 –

Lady Agatha of Norwich

Interests: calligraphy, carving, costume, illumination, painting, rapier combat

Lord Fionndaire Fearcuairt

Interests:  armoured combat

7th Century Celtic Priest. Have traveled extensively with my Norse friends to their homelands and beyond. I am a travler-man (Fearcuairt) never staying long in any one town, collecting and retelling tales of the places I have been. I have fought in defense of… Drank the legs out from under… Defended the virtue of the Ladys… Onward.

September 2013 –

Lord Eldgrimr Jonsson

Interests: archery, carpentry

Lady Milada von Schnecken

Apprentice of Vicomte Alexandre d’Avigné
Cooking, baking, music, embroidery, illumination, archery
August 2018 –

Short bio: Milada von Schnecken hails from northern Bohemia of the early 15th century. Her family were members of the Hussite movement, but most of her relatives lost their lives in during the Hussite Wars. Tired of the battles in her home country, she decided to travel, using her skills in the kitchen to make a living.

Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

Interests: rapier combat


Signore Nero Lupo

Interests: rapier combat, cut and thrust combat, heavy combat, brewing, leather work and metal work.

July 2014 –

Frú Aðísla Arnulfsdóttir

Interests: cookery, archery, viking
September 2014 –

Lady Bella Donna

Interests: archery, rapier combat, garb, Tudors and embroidery.

July 2014 –

Lord Ranulf li Norreis

Interests: Armoured Combat, Armour, 10th – 14th Century History, Woodworking, Blacksmithing
2017 –

Kuria Euphrosyne Eirenikos

2017 –

Lord John Yarrowe

Interests: Rapier Fencing, Music, Dance
July 2018 –

Charles of Flintheath

2017 –

Idun Björnsdotter

Interests: Lucet, spinning, needle binding, weaving, archery, axes.
June 2017 –

Olaf of Flintheath

Interests: coockery
January 2016 –

Kohaku of Flintheath

2017 –

Thorin Eldgrimsson

James of Flintheath

Zeva of Flintheath

the Direwolves of Flintheath

All of these are Northern Inuit Dogs, the breed used to portrait the “Dire Wolves” in the first season of Game of Thrones.


Owned by: Idun Björnsdottir


Owned by: Frú Adisla Arnulfsdottir & Olaf of Flintheath


Owned by: Idun Björnsdottir


Owned by: Frú Adisla Arnulfsdottir & Olaf of Flintheath


Owned by: Signore Nero Lupo & Lady Bella Donna


Owned by: Frú Adisla Arnulfsdottir & Olaf of Flintheath