The Shire has a Council of Officers to run the group.
If you would like to email the officers below, please click the officer’s name.
If you would like an issue discussed at the monthly business meetings, please contact the Seneschal.

Seneschal: Lady Rebecca of Flintheath
The Seneschal is the chairperson.


Exchequer: Viscountess Eularia Trewe
The Exchequer is the treasurer.


Herald: Lord Fionndaire Fearcuairt
The Herald tracks the names, devices and ranks of the populace and advises on protocol.


Arts & Sciences : Lady Milada von Schnecken
The Arts and Sciences Minister helps and organizes meetings for the artisans and scientists of the populace.


Knight Marshal: Signore Nero Lupo
The Knight Marshal is responsible for the safety of fighters and their equipment. He oversee practices and is directly responsible for armoured combat.


Rapier Marshal:
Lady Bella Donna
The Rapier Marshal is responsible for the safety of the rapier fighters and their equipment. She is directly responsible for rapier and cut & thrust combat.


Chatelain: Lord Edwin of Flintheath
The Chatelaine is responsible for welcoming and assisting new members and for providing information for people interested in finding out about the SCA.


Web Minister: Frú Aðísla Arnulfsdóttir
The Web Minister maintains this website. Please report any problems to her.


Chronicler: Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

Historian: Vicomte Alexandre d’Avigné
The Historian records and researches the history of the Shire.