Gift Exchange

A traditional part of the Flintheath Yule Ball is the gift exchange. Each attendee brings a small wrapped gift, with at most an indication of whether it is for a Lord or Lady. These gifts are then handed out during Feast by the Holly Monarch. Gifts may be something made or something bought by the donor, but should not be addressed to any single individual.

The Holly Monarch this year will be decided by an archery tournament.

Over the last few years, the Holly Monarch and the Gift Exchange have become firm traditions of the Flintheath Yule Ball. He or she wins the leather sash for the year, and before returning it must add their own arms to join those of their predecessors upon it.

It is the duty of the Holly King or Queen to hand out the gifts during the Feast prior to the Ball. The Holly Monarch delivers to the children, the High Table and kitchen staff during the feast. The other gifts will be self-service after the deliveries. Participation is voluntary, but please only take a gift if you donated one.

To participate in the gift exchange you should bring along a small wrapped gift, either something you made or bought (no more than ~£5-10), or something you no longer have a use for. If the gift is definitively for a certain type of person, this should be marked (eg: male/female, boy/girl, fighter/artisan, a particular type of persona). Gifts should not be designated for any particular individual. The gifts will be collected at check-in in a couple of wicker baskets and kept safe until Feast, at which time they will be distributed.