Registration for Yuleball 2019

Please fill in one instance of the form per person attending.

Do not add multiple persons to the form, please submit the form again if you like to sign up more people to Yule Ball! 

We are afraid that camping will not be an option for Yuleball 2019. B&B is SOLD OUT!

All B&B rooms have sold out!

All dietary requirements.

Please be as clear as possible! The cooks might get back to you for further questions regarding your requirements.

The feast will be in the Tower Hall and potentially the Lower Hall. If there are insufficient numbers to have 30 in the Tower Hall then the two halls will be merged. The Tower Hall has a cap of 70 and the Lower Hall a cap of 30-35 unless the Tower Hall is already full. Any seat preferences will be allocated on a first confirmed basis. No preferences will be assigned to the Tower Hall until full, then the Lower Hall.

Please do not add multiple people to the form! Submit the form again for each individual attending Yule Ball!

Cancellation before 9th November: full refund. Cancellation before 23rd November: 50% refund,full payment still required. Cancellation 23rd November or later: no refund, full payment still required. Due to SCA Exchequer rules, refunds will be by GBP cheque. Cancellations must be notified to the reservation steward. Failure to pay does not constitute a cancellation. Facebook, or any other activity, does not constitute notice to cancel (or reserve).

Reservations, and accompanying feast allocations, are considered confirmed upon receipt of payment or travel details (if coming from a non-UK country).


Event FeescostAccomm.Feescost
Adult (14yrs+):£40Dormitory Bunk:£10
Adult (14yrs+), no feast:£30B&B (bed only):£44
Child (8-13yrs):£20 3 Apartments:inquiry
Child (8-13yrs), no feast:£10 Camping:no extra charge
Infant (under 8yrs):Free
On the door surcharge:10%

Accommodation Details:

Apartments MAY be available, please contact reservations steward for further information.

Dormitory bunks require you to bring bedding. If luggage capacity is a problem please let us know at least two weeks in advance so that we can arrange to supply bedding. Bunk/bed allocation will only be considered confirmed on receipt of payment or travel details if travelling from over the water.

The B&B rooms are located within the Victorian House and will be reserved on a self-catering basis (ie: breakfast is supplied by the event, not the site). There are 3 en-suite B&B rooms, the rest share bathrooms. They all share a sitting room which will most likely be assigned as a classroom during the day. All the rooms contain a private sink. Single B&B bookings will be paired off. The site requests that all guests in the House strip and remake their beds prior to departure.

We have to provide final overnight numbers to the site two weeks prior to the event.

The dormitories are accessed via a spiral staircase, which for their type is wide and with a normal gradient.
The apartments are accessible via a normal wooden staircase and are located in the Inner Gatehouse.
The B&B rooms are accessible via a shallow grand staircase and our recommended option for those gentles with mobility issues.


Cancellation before 9th November: full refund*
Cancellation before 23rd November: 50% refund*
Cancellation 23rd November or later: no refund

* Due to SCA Exchequer rules, refunds will be by GBP cheque.