Yule Ball 2019 – The Silk Road

6 – 8 December 2019 at Buckden Towers, Cambridgeshire, England

In the depth of winter, shortly before the winter solstice celebrated in so many ways by so many traditions, the Shire of Flintheath will once again celebrate a Yule Ball at Buckden Towers.

The Holly Monarch this year will be decided by combat with rapiers.

The theme this year is the Silk Road.

The Arts & Sciences competition this year is to focus upon, and be restricted to, the new skills acquired after the challenge by our late Prince Joel and Princess Valda.

Gift Exchange

A traditional part of the Flintheath Yule Ball is the gift exchange. Each attendee brings a small wrapped gift, with at most an indication of whether it is for a Lord or Lady. These gifts are then handed out during Feast by the Holly Monarch. Gifts may be something made or something bought by the donor, but should not be addressed to any single individual.

The Holly Monarch this year will be decided by an armoured tournament.

Over the last few years the Holly Monarch and the Gift Exchange have become firm traditions of the Flintheath Yule Ball. He or she wins the leather sash for the year, and before returning it must add their own arms to join those of their predecessors upon it.

It is the duty of the Holly King or Queen to hand out the gifts during the Feast prior to the Ball. The Holly Monarch delivers to the children, the High Table and kitchen staff during the feast. The other gifts will be self-service after the deliveries. Participation is voluntary, but please only take a gift if you donated one.

To participate in the gift exchange you should bring along a small wrapped gift, either something you made or bought (no more than ~£5-10), or something you no longer have a use for. If the gift is definitively for a certain class of person, this should be marked (eg: male/female, boy/girl, fighter/artisan, a particular type of persona). Gifts should not be designated for any particular individual. The gifts will be collected at check-in in a couple of wicker baskets and kept safe until Feast, at which time they will be distributed.


Holly Monarch Tournament
MiC: Lady Rebecca of Flintheath

MiC: Viscount Alexandre d’Avignon

MiC: Drotin Eldgrimr Jonsson

Arts & Sciences:
ASC: Lady Bella Donna

Dance & Ball:
Please could any musicians willing to play live music for the Ball and/or the earlier class contact our ball corrdinator.
DC: Vrouwe Alke van dem Meer


Buckden Towers
High Street
St. Neots
PE19 5TA


Accommodation and Fees (per person):

Adult (14yrs+):£40Dormitory Bunk:£10
Adult (14yrs+), no feast:£30B&B (bed only):£44
Child (8-13yrs):£20Camping:no extra charge
Child (8-13yrs), no feast:£10
Infant (under 8yrs):Free
On the door surcharge:10%

Dormitory bunks require you to bring bedding. If luggage capacity is a problem please let us know at least two weeks in advance so that we can arrange to supply bedding. Bunk/bed allocation will only be considered confirmed on receipt of payment or travel details if travelling from over the water.
The B&B rooms are located within the Victorian House and will be reserved on a self-catering basis (ie: breakfast is supplied by the event, not the site). There are 3 en-suite B&B rooms, the rest share bathrooms. They all share a sitting room which will most likely be assigned as a classroom during the day. All the rooms contain a private sink. Single B&B bookings will be paired off. The site requests that all guests in the House strip and remake their beds prior to departure.
Payment will be accepted via BACS transfer. Please contact us for the account details.

We have to provide final overnight numbers to the site two weeks prior to the event.

We will not be providing lifts as it has proven difficult to get sufficent volunteers in the past. There is ample taxi service from both Huntingdon and St. Neots’ stations. Closer to the time if people provide their arrival times, we will keep a webpage so that different parties can coordinate and share taxis.

The dormitories are accessed via a spiral staircase, which for their type is wide and with a normal gradient.
The Hall is at ground level.
The kitchen is accessible via the spiral staircase or a grass ramp from outside, but should be considered off-limits unless you are helping with food preparation or service.
The apartments are accessible via a normal wooden staircase and are located in the Inner Gatehouse.
The B&B rooms are accessible via a shallow grand staircase and our recommended option for those gentles with mobility issues.


Cancellation before 9th November: full refund*
Cancellation before 23rd November: 50% refund*
Cancellation 23rd November or later: no refund

* Due to SCA Exchequer rules, refunds will be by GBP cheque. You will still be liable for the relevant portion of any unpaid funds if payment has not been made and accommodation has been held.


The feast will be in the Tower Hall and probably the Lower Hall. If there are insufficient numbers to have 30 in the Tower Hall then the two halls will be merged. The Tower Hall has a cap of 70 and the Lower Hall a cap of 30-35 unless the Tower Hall is already full. Any seat preferences will be allocated on a first confirmed basis.


Event Steward: Baron Nicholas de Estleche

Reservations / Deputy Event Steward: Lord Nero Lupo

Head Cook: Lady Milada von Schnecken
Sous Chef: Frú Aðísla Arnulfsdóttir

Ball Coordinator: Vrouwe Alke van dem Meer