Bourne in a Barn II

22nd – 25th  May 2020 at Manor Farm, Bourn, Cambridgeshire, England

Site: Manor Farm, Bourn
Manor Farm,14 Alms Hill, Bourn, CB23 2SH Cambridge, United Kingdom (appx. 50 minutes from London-Stanstead airport).

The Shire of Flintheath would like to welcome you to our second annual event at Bourn Barn. When you join us upon the field near this 13th-century tithe barn, you will find that there is room and time for all activities, to include archery, fencing, rattan fighting, equestrian sports, and arts and sciences of all sorts. By ancient decree, though, the event is quite light in terms of an official schedule, and we invite you to enjoy this event at your own relaxed pace, suitable to a noble at their leisure. As it is a long weekend, we think this is the perfect opportunity to break out your period pavilion or modern tent, enjoy the spring weather, and check the guy ropes are all still working before our summer camping events are upon us.

Question: I am a wealthy noble, but I didn’t become one by wasting my money. What’s the site fee?
Answer: Fiscal prudence is a virtue. You will be pleased to hear that the site fee is an astonishingly low £10! However, because it is so low (shockingly low!), the fee is the same for everyone, regardless of the length of time you will be staying on site.

Question: When can I arrive on site?
Answer: The site opens at noon on Friday.

Question: When do I have to leave?
Answer: We must all return to our homes or manors no later than 18:00 on Monday.

Question: Will there be food?
Answer: There is NO feast/traveler’s fayre/organized potluck planned for this event. There is a small village shop and a few restaurants within walking distance of the site, and a small café on site that is open Mon-Sat, 9-4. There is also a butcher shop/specialty food shop on-site that is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Their pies are Yannick approved!

Again, NO food is provided by the event organizers.

Question: Are there toilets/showers on site?
Answer: Flintheath will provide two portable toilets for the duration of the event. There are NO showers. If the number of attendees rises above 40, we will get additional portable toilets as necessary. This year, there will not be a toilet paper shortage.

Question: What are the accommodations?
Answer: The site is camping only, and there is plenty of room for people to set up tents, period or modern. The closest off-site accommodation is about 10 minutes’ drive away, and the Cambridge area has multiple hotels about 15-20 minutes away.

In addition, Flintheath is working on arranging a tent specifically for use as crash space, but at this time there is NO on-site crash space available.

Question: How can I get to the site?
Answer: If you are using public transport, the best nearby rail station is Cambridge Station. From there, take the Park and Ride bus from Cambridge Railway Station (Stop 9) to Emmanuel Street (Stop E5). Walk across the street to Drummer Street Bus Station, and then take the Number 18 bus (Cambridge to Longstowe). Get off the bus at the stop for Bourn, Kingfisher Close. From there, just head in the entrance for Manor Farm, and you’ll soon see the tithe barn and camping area. For those who would prefer to drive, there will be plenty of parking available.

Your humble servant,
Lord Ranulf li Norreis